Edventure Kid – Color Write

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Color Write is designed for preschool to elementary kids who are working on writing skills. The font is a dyslexia friendly, pre-cursive, writing font.

In addition to the animal coloring pages with animal names and sounds to learn and write, you’ll find sound cards which can be cut out and saved on a ring for study.

101 pages of creative learning fun!


Coloring and writing together is helpful for learning, especially for those who struggle with reading and writing – and from dyslexia.  The animal themed coloring pages include blend sounds as well as words (names of the animals) to trace and write. Older students can write a sentence about the animal or possibly look them up in an encyclopedia or online to learn more about each one.

color write

The cards can be cut out. You can paste pictures to the back and use them to drill blended sounds for young readers. As the student goes through the process of coloring, writing, and putting their cards together, they are using different parts of the brain. All of it works together to help them better remember what they are learning!

color write

Adding color is also a key factor in actively using both sides of the brain for learning to read and write. It is helpful to all learning types, but most especially for those with dyslexia and other learning challenges.


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